P.A.L.S. Animal Shelter

PALS Residents

These are special animals that permanently live at PALS. Most of them will greet you when you come into the office.


He lived at PALS for 7 years.  He loved to weigh himself daily.  He also enjoyed being loved on when visitors come to PALS. RIP Ghost is no longer with us. 

 He is an old soul. He lived at PALS for 5 years. He liked naps and solitude. We are sorry to say we lost him this spring (2014)



He has lived at PALS for 4 years. He prowls around outside during the day and relaxing in the office when it gets too hot. RIP WIllie, we lost him in December 2016.


She is one of our livestock animals and has been at PALS for 8 years.


She has lived at PALS for 11 years.  She loves basking in her cage under her heat lamp.


He lived at PALS for 8 years.  He loved his weekly physical massages.  It helped him move around a little easier.    You could find him hanging out in the office with Mattie. We are sorry tosay he is no longer with us.


He has lived at PALS for 10 years.


He lived at PALS for 9 years.  He loved spending his days on top of Chica's cage. RIP Mikey. He is no longer with us.

She lived at PALS for 14 years. She spent her days sleeping behind the main desk in the office. She moved a lot slower, but was the sweetest dog. We lost her in the summer. (2014)

He has lived at PALS for 4 years. He loves to hang out on top of her copier and get extra attention from the customers.


 Emma and Annie

They both lived at PALS for 2 years. They loved to follow Mary  around while she was cleaning the dog kennels. We are sorry to say we lost both of them in 2014.